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The Future of GlitterPaw Software

The Future
Stellium Networks Inc is the developer of GlitterPaw Software and in years past a lot of money was charged for website setup fees, mostly due to design work.

Our client base always focused on small retail businesses, and because of that GlitterPaw Software product catalog was originally fine tuned to work best for retailers.

On the other hand, since we're an internet marketing company we also developed a bunch of nifty features that allowed us to manage hundreds of websites with a small staff.

GlitterPaw Software allows for a shift of attention from website design and setup to website maintenance and marketing training. GlitterPaw Software is not for sale, but rather it's a value added website tool that is given to our clients.

Future plans are to make GlitterPaw Software an open source system based on the WebDNA 7 FastCGI software. The availability date has not yet been announced.

Current development plans for GlitterPaw:
* Additional default mobile website layouts
* Default theme functionality
* Flexible mobile websites that coexist with every page, but are not based on responsive website design.
* Conversion to WebDNA 7 FastCGI